We Are Here For Our Clients From Start to Finish




We offer a full range of services that encompass every aspect of residential and commercial interior design. We work alongside architects and contractors in the earliest planning stages of the project.  And we see it all to completion, up to the very last detail.

Improving interior design is an opportunity create the perfect environment for your home or office.  One that will reflect your vision, style, and personality. Using selected materials, color, and lighting we can create the desired mood.  Designing the perfect layout for a room can increase functionality and your satisfaction with your home.

We work with our clients to understand their unique lifestyle and then translate that to interior design that works for them.  Whether you want to entertain family or business clients more, or have an exquisite atmosphere to come home to, Michael J. Siller Interiors can help achieve your interior design goals.

Only the Best in Materials

Our Houston interior designers have the creativity, training, and experience to select only the best materials for your individual project. Exotic, but sustainable wood. European sourced marble. Natural stone, synthetic quartz. Incomparable selections for hardware and lighting. Superlative fabrics and wallcoverings. Impressive finishes with rich colors and unique textures to create the right mood. We bring you highest quality selection of products to create unparalleled interior design.

Great Design Evokes a Mood

Our interior design services convey classic style, but with our own signature flair. Whether you style is Traditional, Modern, Mid-Century or French Country, we will bring out its essence. We believe that the best interior design always evokes a mood. Whether calming and serene, warm and inviting, or minimalist and austere. Michael J. Siller Interiors creates compelling and evocative interiors that tell a story. An interior space should always reveal the soul of the people who live there.

Commercial & Residential Interior Design Offerings

When clients are looking for commercial interior design guidance for a space such as a restaurant or an office, we combine our expertise with your unique vision. We create environments that are elegant, yet functional and exceed the expectations of our discriminating clients. Providing the same creativity and attention to detail in the commercial arena, as we do with all our residential interior design projects. A transformation for your business or home awaits.

Our Interior Design Process

With each contract, we establish the estimated number of hours required for completion of your project. For example, it can take 10 to 25 hours to redesign a kitchen, 5 to 20 hours for an entertainment center, and anywhere from 10 to 150 hours to completely renovate your home. We expertly gauge a range in order to schedule each stage of the project. Actual times can be impacted by changes to the planning process, acquisition of materials, and the inclusion of outside contractors and construction management services.

Every project begins with a consultation, we take the time to understand your wants and needs, and evaluate the entire space. We reflect on your design style preferences as we develop the design vision. Our Texas designers consider how you use the space and what your priorities are. Once you assess your financial blueprint, we present a final plan. Selection of materials and scheduling begins, so that we can create the home of your dreams.

We Work With You

When considering interior renovation or any type of interior design, Houston residents are challenged by what the process entails and the time it takes. We understand you have a busy lifestyle. We can work around your schedule. We do the purchasing, work with contractors, arrange delivery and installation.