We Are Here For Our Clients From Start to Finish

We offer a full range of services that encompass every aspect of residential and commercial interior design. We work alongside with architects and contractors in the earliest planning stages of the project.

Improving interior design is an opportunity to modify and decorate a home or office to reflect your vision, style, and personality. Depending on the materials, color, and lighting, you can create the desired mood. It’s possible to choose a layout and design that reduces stress and increases productivity. There’s also an opportunity to dispose of items you don’t need, thereby eliminating clutter and making more efficient use of available space. With better interior design, Houston clients can improve their homes and businesses in many ways.

Add storage and seating to make the room more functional. Let in natural light to accentuate the best in design and to conserve energy. Arrange couches, chairs, desks, and equipment so it’s easier for people to move about. Luxury interior design adds character, identity, and value to a property. It enables you to get the desired results right the first time, or to renovate or restore a space to account for updates and improvements of any scale.

Only the Best in Materials

Our Houston interior decorators have the creativity, training, and experience to select the best materials that are suitable for every unique and individual project. Wood, metal, ceramic, natural stone, and glass can be used in many ways to define the character and charm of a room. We use the fabric of choice to upholster sofas, seats, chairs, and window treatments. For carpeting and rugs, we have access to the highest quality products.

We’re highly committed to using the most impressive finishes such as decorative paints. The color, texture, tone, and effects created by the right paint are what define a room and complement its other qualities. In working with you to select a paint, we provide an opportunity to define the mood you’re looking for. We also provide the wall material, carpet and rug, and trim that are most appropriate to the design vision.

Great Design Evokes a Mood

Our interior design services like to convey classic sensibility while always reflecting the client. We do not limit ourselves to one category or style. We do traditional as well as contemporary projects. We are constantly evolving. Design is dependent on the location and architecture, and on what the client is trying to accomplish. We provide both custom residential and commercial interior design solutions.

Commercial & Residential Interior Design Offerings

When clients are looking for commercial interior design guidance for a space such as a restaurant or an office, we combine our expertise with your unique taste and desires to create a space that is elegant, yet also functional, and which meets the needs of those in the space. On the same note, our experience and expertise provide many with residential interior design services that are luxurious yet also livable and tailored to the needs and tastes that clients are searching for their home.

Our Interior Design Process

With each contract, we establish an estimated number of hours required for completion of the project. Various factors can impact the timeline—it can take 10 to 25 hours to redesign a kitchen, 5 to 20 hours to do an entertainment center, and anywhere from 10 to 150 hours to completely renovate your home. We, therefore, estimate a range of as long as it may take to complete each stage of the project. Actual times depend on changes to the planning process, acquisition of materials, and the inclusion of outside contractors and construction management services.

Every project begins with a consultation, in which we take a few hours to understand what the client wants and needs and to survey the area. We take time to identify the client’s style preferences and the design elements they like and dislike. Our Texas designers then look at how you plan to use the space and what your priorities are. After getting a picture of your budget, they select the materials, centerpieces, and accessories based on your available funds.

We Work With You

When considering home design, Houston residents are often challenged by the requirements and time to set aside. We understand you have a busy lifestyle. Projects can be worked around your schedule, and we can even do the purchasing, setup, and arrangement of construction and deliveries on our side.