When you’re looking for one specific interior design style, you could end up having to sift through dozens of different options. At a quick glance, some of these styles might even seem to be the same designs with different names. However, each design style has its own unique touches that make us identify with certain ones. Styles change frequently, but there are always a few interior design styles that are still the preference of many people year after year. To ensure that your home embodies everything your chosen style represents, look for a luxury interior designer in Houston, TX

If you’re interested in exploring some new interior design styles, here are five of the most popular to check out. 

Mid-Century Modern

First made popular in the 50s and 60s, mid-century modern has made a big comeback over the last few years. Compared to the formal styles that preceded, mid-century modern focuses more on simplicity. Rooms that are inspired by mid-century modern are open and not heavily decorated. A lot of mid-century modern uses elements from nature, such as natural textures and houseplants. You can also find a pop of bright colors in mid-century modern. While much of the room might be mainly neutral and earth tones, there are frequently accent pieces with bright oranges, yellows, and teal.


Farmhouse designs make up a large portion of HGTV shows and Pinterest boards today. Given the name, it’s easy to understand that much of the farmhouse style uses rustic and vintage-inspired pieces. Different from something that would be classified as just rustic or country, farmhouse style has many more modern and sleek elements to it. Farmhouses are often bright white with lots of natural light, mixed with neutral colors and reclaimed wood. Unlike some interior design styles that might focus more on the look of a room, farmhouse style ensures that it’s still comfortable and functional to live in. 


For a style that’s lasted for centuries and while likely stay strong for years to come, many people turn to traditional styles. If your ideal home looks like a lush European castle, traditional might be right for you. Traditional style takes inspiration through several different periods and uses them to work together. In this, you can usually find rich colors like burgundy, navy, and gold. These colors are often complemented by dark-colored wood, both for furniture and molding. Houses that are traditionally styled are heavily decorated with ornate pieces. Although this style is exquisite, it manages to be still comfortable and welcoming. 


Modern interior design is all about sleek materials and straight lines. You’ll often find shiny metals, glass, and marble incorporated into modern styles. Modern design is often associated with minimalism because they both value simplicity, and you won’t find much clutter in these designs. Home styles with modern design often don’t have many colors and stick to neutral tones with the occasional accent piece. Modern design is best used in homes with an open floor plan and large windows to welcome in natural light. 


Most homes are decorated with contemporary styles. This is because contemporary has no specific set of rules and often pulls from styles that are most popular at the time. Contemporary can often be hard to recognize because of this. Here, you might see a mixture of traditional and modern pieces together. What exactly contemporary design consists of is continuously changing, so what we consider to be contemporary today will be different than in a few decades.