When you invest in interior design for your home, you want an experienced and knowledgeable designer to bring everything together. From scale and color scheme to accessibility, the right design company will ensure your project is perfect from start to finish. At Michael J. Siller Interiors, we do more than place beautiful objects and furniture in a home. We help guide restoration services in Houston, TX, to ensure every part of your remodel is designed just right.

Interior design should evoke a mood, convey a message, and reflect your personality. When the structure of your space is less than ideal, or if it has sustained damage from storms or faulty construction, restoration services may be your first step. Our designers work alongside architects and contractors to ensure a new build is designed in a way that suits the client’s needs and preferences. From material selection to lighting fixture installation, we work with a project from conception to the finishing touches.

Interior Restoration in Houston, TX

By working with Michael J. Siller Interiors, you will receive the interior restoration in Houston, TX, that your property needs. We work diligently to ensure your space is rebuilt to be beautiful and functional, and that it accommodates the needs of you and your family. The result is a space that reflects your vision, style, and personality to a T. By designing for homes in need of restoration, we can assist many in the Houston area and beyond. 

We keep you updated throughout the entire process, so you know precisely what is happening with your home and why. Our goal is to translate your unique lifestyle into your interior design, whether we install new windows to brighten up a room or knock down a wall to make better use of your space.

When working with the interior of your home, we will incorporate the following elements in your restoration services:

  • Beautiful and high-quality materials, such as European marble and sustainable woods
  • Colors that complement each other and your personality, including fun fabrics and flooring
  • Lighting fixtures that highlight the focal points of each room and allow you to use the space to its full potential, whether you are cooking or entertaining

Home Restoration Services in Houston, TX

Michael J. Siller Interiors will help you achieve any interior design goals you have for your home. We can help restore a house from the ground up to ensure it is structured and decorated beautifully. From drafting electrical plans to architectural drawings, our interior designer will advise you and the construction team every step of the way. 

When you want an exquisite atmosphere in your home, you want our home restoration services in Houston, TX. We can ensure your home is enticing and inviting before placing a single piece of furniture. Our team is also available to answer any questions you may have throughout the project. 

We understand that living in a space in the process of being restored can be stressful. Our designers will ensure you are kept up to date on our timeline, so you are not inconvenienced longer than necessary. When your new room is finally finished, we guarantee you will gain a whole new appreciation for the home and interior design overall.

When it is time to start your next project, reach out to Michael J. Siller Interiors today. You can contact us by calling (713) 528-4343, or by filling out our online form.