At Michael J. Siller Interiors, we believe interior design encompasses so much more than simply arranging materials to fit into different rooms. Michael does not see the rooms of your home, restaurant, hotel, or other luxury space as simply places for holding things. He believes interior design should evoke a mood, reflect your personality, or convey a message.

You might once in a while walk around your home and realize it desperately needs updating. Maybe its current interior design communicates a time or set of feelings to which you no longer relate. If this is the case, or if you are simply tired of your home’s overall interior look, contact Michael J. Siller Interiors. Our home renovation services in Houston, TX, are among the best you will find anywhere. Michael works with architects and contractors from the start of your project to ensure every aspect of your renovation comes together exactly as you want it.

Interior Renovation Houston, TX

When you work with Michael J. Siller Interiors, you are getting full-service interior renovation in Houston, TX. What does this mean for you? It is a guarantee that Michael will get to know your project intimately by listening to what you say but also discerning how you feel about your rooms. How do you want the walls and furniture of your home office to influence your temperament when you enter? What do you want to feel when you retire to your living room in the evening?

As a master interior designer, Michael will incorporate the following elements into your Houston home’s interior renovation project, depending on the context:

  • Expertly chosen materials, including European marble, sustainable wood, and quality stone
  • Appropriate colors that tastefully complement one another, such as furniture fabrics, wall coverings, and flooring
  • Proper lighting to highlight the colors and textures of your newly renovated room and add the finishing touches to the space’s overall appeal
  • The flair to bring it all together and lend a classic look to your modern rooms

Renovation Services in Houston, TX

You’ve learned about Michael J. Siller Interiors’ perspective on renovating your rooms from top to bottom. But none of it would matter if we didn’t have a process for delivering on our promises to you. We know how involved our renovations can become. From meeting you, learning about your style, formulating our approach to the project, and assembling the team that will work on your home, quality renovations take time.

That is why we always provide clients with estimates of how many hours their project will take. Then, once we mutually agree on the materials and cost, we schedule the work and begin. Whether your renovation services in Houston, TX, take 10 hours or 100, Michael J. Siller Interiors will get the job done correctly. When your brand new room is finally completed, we believe you will find you appreciate your home all over again, both for what it looks like and for how it makes you feel every time you enter it.

Contact us using our online form, or call 713-528-4343 to get started with your home renovation project now!