The famous saying “all good things must come to an end” could easily be applied to interior design trends. While some might have a hard time letting their outdated styles go, the new year is a great time for those who enjoy keeping up with interior design trends. The start of the new year is often when people start switching up their styles, and new interior design trends come out. This can be a great fresh start for many, as well as the chance to try something new. 

With the help of an interior design company in Houston, TX, you can ensure that your home has all the latest styles. 

Mixes of New and Old 

When you’re redecorating your home, there’s no reason that everything you get needs to be brand new. Buying new pieces can be exciting, but you don’t necessarily want your whole home to look like it was just taken out of a box. Bringing some older pieces out from storage can be the perfect way to show off your taste and make a statement. Easily mixing old and new pieces create a more interesting collection of decor. By doing this, you’ll likely be able to find new ways to mix different styles, as well as mixing distinct eras. 

Bold Colors

For a few years, neutrals have thrived. People made their entire homes neutral, with only pops of color here and there. In 2020, we could be seeing quite the opposite. Bold colors have slowly been making a comeback in interior design. We might be seeing bold colors not only as an accent but as the focal point of a room. Working with bright, bold colors in large quantities in your home can be intimidating, not to mention difficult to pull off. However, when bold colors are implemented correctly, the results can be stunning. 

Natural Elements

People have been buying houseplants for decades, but in 2020 you can expect to see even more natural elements being brought inside. Many of the most stylish homes will now be using a variety of different plants to decorate rooms throughout their home. Plants aren’t the only natural touch to be brought into a home, either. Furniture and decor made with more natural materials, such as rattan and wicker, are also becoming increasingly popular. Including pieces like this into your home can quickly make it feel like a more comfortable, relaxing space. No matter what a person’s individual style is, these items will be the perfect compliment. 

Eye-Catching Patterns 

Like bold colors, patterns are a stark contrast to many of the interior design trends from over the last few years. With this trend, you might want to consider switching from plain walls to wallpaper. Some might fear wallpaper, as it can feel more permanent than a new paint color, but many people are beginning to embrace it again. This wallpaper isn’t like the type that you might have found in your grandparent’s home, either. Few things can grab a person’s attention like a fun, bold, or artistic wallpaper-covered wall. When done right, wallpaper can make any room feel more exciting without overwhelming it.