Interior designers do much more than simply adding some unique style to your home or office. The fact is that a good designer’s expertise extends well beyond changing the look of a room. It’s easy to forget how crucial interior designers are to laying out room foundations, adding refinements, or sustaining and supporting your favorite aspects of the space. They can transform a dull and drab room into a bright, gleaming space where you love spending time.

At Michael J. Siller Interiors, we have 30 years of experience in renovation, restoration, and design. We can remodel your home’s living spaces to appear delicate and inviting to anyone who enters them. Or, our expertise can capture your vision for a productive and opulent work environment. No matter your desired mood for your space, rest assured that we can meet your needs.

Whether you’re revamping an existing space or building a new house from the ground up, we will walk you through the process of designing your home to be just the way you want it.

How Can Interior Design Services Transform Your Home?

You could be looking into construction, renovation, or restoration; Michael J. Siller Interiors will accounts for every last detail in every situation. We encourage you to check out our interior design services below so you can get a jump-start on planning for your project.

1.) Construction

Working alongside contractors and architects, our designers ensure they have a plan for the layout before setting any design foundations. We work swiftly and diligently so you can get an idea of what your home will look like even before the first brick is laid down. In the end, our plans will ensure that each individual space of your new home fits into your vision and serves a purpose.

2.) Renovation 

Sometimes all your home or office needs is an update. Remaking a space to improve its functionality or efficiency will help you get more out of what you already have. This can be done by expanding the area or simply redesigning its layout. Sometimes, adding new elements to a room–such as carpeting, elegant drapery, and fresh paint–is all that is required to give your home the change of pace it needs.

3.) Restoration 

To ensure that your home maintains its beauty in the long run, it is essential to restore its elements every so often. However, we also know that, when it comes to preserving a space’s structural integrity, you may at times want to keep certain original aspects of the area intact. When we restore part or all of your home, we make sure to retain the exquisite aspects you love most, as they can be crucial to cultivating and sustaining the mood and environment you want to enjoy.

Elaborate Interior Design Services

We consider our design tastes to be polished and refined, and we love translating our skills and experience into your home redesign projects. Whether you’re renovating, restoring, or building an all-new home, our interior designers will guide you every step of the way, making sure the finished result is exactly what you have always wanted.

Contact us here at Michael J. Siller Interiors to get started with any kind of interior design project in Houston, TX. Trust us; you won’t regret giving us a call.